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Friar Tuck Summit NJ Custom Home Build

A house doesn’t make a home. We do. You may call it your dream home, but our creative, technical, and management team will make it a reality. That means using technical, architectural, and construction expertise to keep the project on track and on budget.

Picture your dream home. When you walk through the front door, is there a foyer?  What does the master bedroom look like? How about the master bathroom? What will be the first meal you cook in that kitchen? Let your imagination run wild. Can you see a home theater? A library? A sauna? Do you know why Deerpath is the best choice when it comes time to build this dream home? Keep reading.


It takes two to tango, or in this case, communicate. This home will be built specifically for you. Your family’s needs and expectations begin the process. Our process continues by truly listening to the client. In order to create an exceptional space that incorporates our client’s vision, we must always remain up to date on what is cutting edge, efficient, and state of the art. Your vision remains the driving force while our expertise gets the job done and well!


What happens between the vision and the end result? 100% collaboration between our client and the Deerpath Team is what happens continuously throughout the project. Your input is required to ensure that the design accommodates your specific lifestyle and enhances every aspect of your life. Communication is how we learn about your vision, but collaboration is how we execute it precisely.


Nothing earns trust like 20 years of experience and knowledge. If that isn’t enough, we also have long-standing client relationships who are happy to be a referral.  You should feel confident about our ability to deliver the ultimate end product throughout the project’s timeline.
Another critical element of trust is having a realistic home build budget from the start of your project.  Deerpath Custom Builders provides clients with an itemized line by line budget of their entire build.  You decide where you want to increase or decrease a cost, where applicable, with full transparency from Deerpath.  Trusting that your custom home build can stay on budget is an essential part of the client/Deerpath relationship.

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